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Roseway Requiem

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In autumn

we quietly slow down.

Night begins in the afternoon.

Old joints grow stiff and creaky.

With a great sigh,

oaks and maples let go of their leaves.

A cold east wind tears through my bones

as fall turns into winter.

Not everyone made it this year.

My decrepit old dog breathed

his last goodbye:

A private loss, while one Saturday

a black smoke cloud darkened the sky

over the Roseway Theatre fire.

The fumes lingered for days.

She was magnificent,

the finest thing in our neighborhood.

For nearly a century she showed

one movie at a time.

Among the multiplex chains everywhere

she stood proud.

The whole neighborhood mourns.

Author: Kate Comings

I have written a memoir about my experiences during the Isla Vista riots and and just finished the fourth novel in the "Divine Presents" series. My interests are many and include photography, writing, dogs, sustainable living, gardening, meditation, world music, indigenous cultures, and archaeology.

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