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Winter is a time for waiting…

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Portland is blanketed with snow, with some icy, slippery spots. Winter doesn’t officially begin for almost a week, but you’d never know. The way I see it, winter arrived with last week’s ice storm and gale winds and a power outage that made me despair of ever getting my iMac back up afterwards. We had lots of tree damage, including my poor pine tree. The ice was beautiful though, and I did get outside with my camera before it melted.

Hawthorne berries

Hawthorne berries

Frozen pine needles

Frozen pine needles

Rose hips

Rose hips

Because the streets are slippery, I won’t be driving until the temperatures get above freezing, which they have not. It’s a good time to settle in and wait it out while I revise my next book, Zen Flowers.

I’m waiting to receive the final proof copy of Deliver Us From Evil, which needs approval before the book will be available on Amazon. I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands after so many edits and revisions. I’m like a kid the night before Christmas. For me, the hardest waiting is right before the end.

Author: Kate Comings

I have written a memoir about my experiences during the Isla Vista riots and and just finished the fourth novel in the "Divine Presents" series. My interests are many and include photography, writing, dogs, sustainable living, gardening, meditation, world music, indigenous cultures, and archaeology.

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